6-Step Rescue Plan | How to revive old curly wig?


Do you believe that the wig can be used for 2-3 years? If you have doubts about this, take a look. On many occasions, I have only used it for less than a year and the wig has become dry and messy. When I took out the wig I had thrown away, the lace and cap were still intact, and the elastic band was resilient, except for the hair. In fact, such a wig can still be used, from the moment you pick up the comb.


Two issues need to be addressed, tangling and drying.


First, divide hair into sections and use paddle brush to detangle

Put the wig on the wig stand first, which makes it easier to separate the hair into sections for combing. The more parts that are divided, the easier it is to detangles. Be careful to use the comb to detangles from the ends of the hair, which can reduce the amount of hair loss.



Second, soak the wig in hot water mixed conditioner and essential oils

Using freshly boiled hot water can dissolve the dirt in the wig and help us to deeply clean the hair. Add the conditioner and essential oil to the water, stir them, put the hair in, and soak for 10 minutes. Conditioner can repair the hair and solve the problem of dry hair. Essential oils moisturize and make hair shiny.



Third, rinse your hair after combing it

After soaking for a while, remember to comb the hair with a paddle brush to prevent tangles and allow the conditioner and essential oils to fully work on the hair. Then rinse it off with clean water after soaking again.



Fourth, use shampoo for deep cleaning

Add shampoo to damp hair. Pay attention to the foam from top to bottom by running your fingers through the hair to avoid tangling and damaging the texture of the hair. After washing out the lather, wait a minute before rinsing off. The lather itself is a gentle cleanser that can help dissolve dirt in your hair.



Fifth, apply conditioner to strengthen repair

Apply conditioner after shampooing to keep your hair hydrated and solve dryness problems.



Sixth, maintain the degree of natural air-drying

Leave the wig in a cool place to air dry, and apply mousse and essential oils to keep your hair curled and shiny.



After the six steps of this basic, we will get a new look wig! Well-maintained hair helps the wig last longer. Time to take out the rest of the idle wig and give it a new look.