Is voluminous curly hair your ultimate hair goal? If you’re feeling a bit flat and wondering how to add volume to hair, this blog will come in handy.


When you buy a wig, it is very important to determine what density you are buying, which is very pivotal to how much volume your hair can achieve!

Most of the market sells standard density, such as 130% or 150% density. Of course, if you want a more fluffy effect, then you can try 180% density, or even 250% density.



In addition to buying higher density wig products, is there any way to make the hair fluffy on the basis of the determined wig density?

1.Spread the hair by hand

Due to production requirements, the hair is usually rolled together separately at the factory. Therefore, we can use a large-toothed comb or fingers to through the hair and separate each hair, so that the originally thin hair can be rejuvenated with the fluffy feeling it should have!



2.Use a volumizing shampoo

Some shampoo formulas can weigh down your hair, which is why it is recommended that you use shampoos that are specifically designed to uplift your hair. Like Aussome Volume, this brand's line of lightweight formulas enriched with juicy Australian plum extract will help you achieve your wildest hair dreams.



3.Dry upside down

Yep, upside down. We've all experienced the magic of stylists who are very skilled at styling hair. In fact, this simple trick is the best shortcut for getting a lot of styling done. After washing the wig, towel dry the hair and hang the wig upside down. This works because the roots of the hair will now automatically lift up. Dry your hair like this, and when you re-wear it, your hair will have a new shape full of volume.



4.Use hairspray or mousse to hold in place

How bad is it to stick to a full fluffing routine but get blown away by Mother Nature! You can try algae hairspray or mousse with skin-softening properties to style and stay energized.


If you need a little boost in the volume of the wig, these volume tips will ensure your hair gets out of the flattened state. If you're struggling with thinner density wig but you're looking for a larger density wig product, we're always here to help!