Master 6 Ways to Become an Expert at Identifying Real Human Hair


When many ladies shop online or get wig products, the first question that comes to their minds is: Is this really real human hair? Since there are questions that need professional answers, let’s use six methods to help you identify real human hair and avoid being deceived.


1.Burn Hair

Through experiments, we can find that human hair will turn into a small black ball shape after being burned with fire, and it will turn into a powder state when it is gently rubbed with fingers. Plus you'll notice that it smells like a burnt protein. If the synthetic hair encounters fire, the burning will become a hard piece, which cannot be rubbed with fingers, and it will also be accompanied by a smell of burning nylon.



2.Observe Appearance

When we observe real human hair with a hair-raising device, we can see that its surface is like fish scales. Under the sunshine, the color of human hair is dull and looks more natural. On the contrary, synthetic hair will appear reflective state, the color is very bright.



3.Feel the Texture

When you touch down (from the roots to the ends), you will feel very smooth. However, the upward stroke from the end of the hair to the roots is not so same. In addition, due to the nature of human hair, the ends of the hair generally have split ends or frizz. However, Synthetic hair,  feels the same no matter what direction you stroke it, and because it's machine-synthesized, it's very uniform in thickness.



4.Styling differences

Human hair can be washed and maintained for many times, as well as straightened, curled, dyed, etc. It is more diversified in hairstyle, showing natural luster and dynamic, which can meet various needs. However, synthetic hair cannot be dyed at high temperatures, which will damage the hair.



5.Longer Lifespan

Due to the different functions, we can also conclude that the lifespan of real human hair will be much longer than synthetic hair. Human hair can generally be used for more than a year, and can even be used for 2-3 years with careful maintenance. However, the average lifespan of synthetic hair is 2-3 months, with proper care it may reach 4-6 months.


6.Different Price

Human hair can bring self-confidence and beauty experience, with higher value. Since the raw materials for synthetic hair can be easily obtained and manufactured, the cost is low and the price is cheaper. However, the situation of human hair is different. It is difficult and costly to obtain in terms of time and raw materials, and requires more manpower. Therefore, its scarcity leads to uncertainty in supply and high prices.


Learning the above methods is very helpful for identifying real human hair. If you are in need of high-quality human hair, take a look at the hair bundles from YiGen Hair!