Upgrade the Wig Skill! How to Fix the Wig Natural Hairline?


Hey guys! It's time to update our technology and make a natural hairline less difficult! You only need to do these three things: bleach the knots, plucking hairline, and flatten the flyaways. Let's start to learn how to do it step by step!


Bleach the Knots

What you need for bleaching the knots: BW 2 Power & 40 Developer.


1.Do 2 full spoons of the BW 2 Power and then do one and a half spoons of 40 Developer into the dowl.


2.Mix it around and it should be the consistency of toothpaste as the pic see, this is thick enough but not too thin.



3.Use the thumb pointer to paint down slightly pressing into the wig. Don't press too hard, because the harder you press it's going to seep onto the root.



4.After applying this fuel evenly to the knot, let it sit for less than 10 minutes, because 40 Developer this product dyes very fast, so If your wig is of poor quality, it is recommended not to leave it on for 10 minutes.



5.Immediately after bleaching, rinse off the dye with water, then rinse your hair with shampoo.



Plucking the Hairline

This step is the key to a natural hairline, and it is also a very simple step. Get your tweezers and combs ready to go!

1.According to your own needs, or you can choose to separate the sparse part of the front end with a comb, and comb the hair of these two parts to facilitate subsequent operations.


2.Use tweezers to start plucking the sparse part of the hair, avoiding consecutive plucks in the same place when plucking.



3.Then comb back the plucked part and continue plucking as needed until it reaches what you think is natural.




Flatten the Flyaway

Wouldn't there be no way to iron the fluff without a hot comb? No no no! Just have a curling comb and hair dryer ready to go!


Use the curling comb against the front of the hair, and use the other hand to use the hair dryer to match the position of the comb, and iron it to the back together. When you feel that the fly hair is almost ironed, apply some mousse to hold the hair in place.




After doing these three steps, you will have a flawless natural hairline that like growing out of the scalp!


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